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I also include a section called, 

"Ivy's Helpful Hints"

I've learned a lot over the past few years owning consignment stores...

so I decided to pass some of what I've learned on to YOU! 

I hope you find them useful!

1. STAINS: I use Awesome Laundry Detergent with Stain Lifter (Green Bottle) purchased at the Dollar Tree. Rub it into your stain and let it sit until the next time you do laundry (at least a day). I rarely have a stain that won't come out!

2. LEATHER: I use Black Rock leather conditioner on Purses, Shoes, Belts, and any other leather you want to look like new. Wipe off any dirt on your item and polish with Black Rock. You can use it on any color leather and you will never need shoe polish again! I order it off of Amazon.

3. CLOGGED VELCRO: To remove lint, hair and whatever else is in your Velcro (on coats, shoes, etc.) gently claw the Velcro with a staple remover. Pick out the guck and your Velcro will work like new!

4. TRYING ON CLOTHING IN THE STORE: How often do you buy clothing, get it home and decide it's just not "you".

~ Put the item on and DO NOT LOOK IN THE MIRROR!

~Look down at the item, feel how it feels on your body, move around and see it it's comfortable.

~ If it feels good, turn around and look in the mirror. If it looks as good as it feels, you will probably be happy with your purchase.

~If it doesn't feel good, turn around and look in the mirror. If it looks as bad as it feels, you will probably NOT be happy with your purchase. No matter the cost, it's not worth the price if you don't wear it!!!

5. SHOE REPAIRS: Do you ever have the rubber or heel of shoes loosen? Use SHOE GOO to re-glue. Just glue and apply pressure (I use clamps purchased at a hardware store) until dry.

​6. SWEATER PILLING: Do you ever have your favorite sweater pill?

I've tried sweater shavers and stones but this works just as well...

Take a 2 blade DRY razor and "shave" away the pills. YOU NEED TO TAKE CARE THAT THE MATERIAL IS PULLED TIGHT so you don't "knick" the fabric. I use a new razor for each clothing item. After shaving, to remove the pills just shake the item off OR use a lint roller to remove the pills.

7. TANGLED NECKLACES WHILE TRAVELING: Do you travel a lot...love to wear necklaces...but hate to have to untangle the chains?

Take a Kleenex or paper towel, lay your necklace crosswise on the Kleenex, fold the Kleenex over the chain, and wrap up the necklace. You will reach your destination with wearable necklaces ready to go!


This may seem an unusual share...but I hear a lot of women say they can't find nice undies. I wanted to share my latest and greatest discovery!

Since I've gotten older, someone else's body has taken mine over and I now have the dreaded

I'm too young (and always will be) for...dare I say it..."Granny Panties"

Somehow my Victoria's Secret panties just don't fit anymore! Goodness...I bought them 15 years ago...I don't know why!!!

I discovered WARNER'S NO MUFFIN TOP panties. I really like the ones with lace on the top...but you can also find them with plain material. They fit amazing..no wedgies...no slipping...no pinching...and best of all...THEY ARE PRETTY AND FASHIONABLE!

I buy them at Ross or T.J.Maxx. You can get them at department stores if you want to pay more.

You are welcome!

More to Come!

Ivy's Helpful Hints